New Podcast Alert: Play Cousins – Episode 1

New Podcast Alert: Play Cousins – Episode 1

The first episode of the Play Cousins podcast is officially here. My good friend Jameer has been planning his vision for some time now, and recruited me a few months back to help him execute his podcast idea. Today, we are debuting our first official episode that we recorded this past weekend.

Play Cousins is for the people, and we hope to bring on a diverse group of voices to share their messages and tell their stories. This week, we had sneaker connoisseur Damaries Negron (@kickitwitdd on Instagram) to talk about being part of the sneaker culture, empowering females in the game, and her plans for the future. We also had the incredible Ieasha Tiffany slide through to discuss #BlackLivesMatter, her ‘Folk’ group events, and what can be done to help racial tensions in this country.

If you or someone you know would has an amazing story to tell, contact us at to be on a future episode. Take a listen to the first episode, and let us know your thoughts! All critique is welcomed.

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