Open Your Ears: Play Cousins Podcast – Episode 2 (Pt. 1)

Open Your Ears: Play Cousins Podcast – Episode 2 (Pt. 1)

Play Cousins is back with the second official week of recording, and we’re setting things off with part one of this two-part episode.

This time around, special co-host, Robin J, joined Jameer and myself, to discuss her music industry background. From working at Violator under the mentorship of Chris Lighty before his passing, to branching off and building her Takeovah brand for indie artists, Robin has earned her stamp as a hard-working woman in music. Not only is she working day and night on her own platform, but she’s also talked about being part of this year’s WEEN Academy lineup. She tells us what it’s like joining 20 other women in the hustle as they build with each other to accomplish their dreams.

Our guest for this week was Mouse Jones, who is vastly becoming the face of personalities to make his moves around New York City. From hosting just about any and every party and showcase in the city, to putting as many dope artists on as possible, along with striving to take on a leadership role in social injustice activism,  Mouse is next up in multiple lanes. We brought him on our second episode to pick his brain on a slew of topics, including the ongoing beef between Joe Budden and Drake.

Take a listen to the brand new episode below, and stay tuned for part two on the way.

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