: a rapid shifting of ideas with only superficial associative connections between them that is expressed as a disconnected rambling from subject to subject and occurs especially in the manic phase of bipolar disorder Manic Phase may cause delusion of grandeur, flight of ideas and associative looseness that may alter patient s thought process 2. 1. Ban . Circumstantial thought processes are similar to tangential thought processes, since one thought is somewhat connected to the next, but for the circumstantial thought process, different from the tangential thought process, there is a return to the original topic. Modeling and Simulation of Vehicle Schedule in Flight Supporting Process. 1) Blocking - a sudden interruption of thought or It is almost like speech without punctuation. Start studying Thought processes. So with flight of ideas, that means usually racing thoughts, it often accompanies mania or mixed states, and racing thoughts and rapid speech because basically your ideas are flying too high and too fast to make sense to the rest of the world, in a way that you may even become incoherent, which has happened to me in a manic state, and obviously process slow manner ... flight of ideas - flow of thoughts is extremely rapid but connections remain intact ... mental status exam.doc Looking for online definition of circumstantiality in the Medical Dictionary? GLOSSARY: FORMAL DISORDERS OF THOUGHT. Altered Sensory And Disturbed Thought Process. -tangentiality: thought process in which there's an abrupt, perminent deviation from the subject. Compare flight of ideas. Flight of ideas refers to a thought disorder, wherein there are abrupt, rapid shifts in the conversation topics. There are different types of thought disorders. The affected person talks rapidly, as he/she feels the pressure to continue talking. Thought disorder (TD) or formal thought disorder (FTD) refers to disorganized thinking as evidenced by disorganized speech. Flight of Ideas ... sudden stopping in the train of thought or in the midst of a sentence. Flight of Ideas and Tangential Thoughts. Psychology Definition of FLIGHT OF IDEAS: a disturbance in the thinking processes that is a rapid and continuous succession of ideas that are related. ... Jesus, I thought medical science disproved that one decades ago. Theyre also climate change deniers. 1. Flight of ideas might also be accompanied by pressured speech, which in turn refers to the increased rate of speech. SYMBOLIZATION AND THE USE OF SYMBOLS. Assess extent of impairment in thinking , delusions, flight of ideas and associative looseness Rationale 1. Definition. During manic episodes, it is not unusual for bipolar people to experience "racing thoughts" and "flight of ideas.". Thought processes that deal with fast moving situations such as riding a bicycle. This new thought is vaguely relevant to the original subject and never returns to original subject-loose assoications: lack of longical connection btwn thoughts or ideas. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.