Put My Anxiety In Rice – The ‘Tough Skin’ Crisis (Episode 2)

After a few delays, I’m back with my second episode of Put My Anxiety In Rice. I’m ecstatic about all of the amazing feedback from the debut episode, and I’m grateful for all of those who are supportive of being on this mental health journey with me.

On this next episode, I wanted to tackle a topic that I find a bit more controversial, but nonetheless important for discussion. Being told to have a “tough skin” is a slippery slope for most people with anxiety or a mental illness. It’s not necessarily in our control to be able to handle certain situations, thoughts, or triggered emotions, and being in an industry or work environment where we are required to have a “tough skin” can be near impossible.

I decided to address the topic, and encourage the “emotionless” mind state of many industries to disappear from our perspectives. It can be much more harmful than helpful to those with a mental illness. Just because an individual may be more reactive on an emotional front, it does not mean they should be hindered from an industry when they have talent to offer. Success shouldn’t only be given to those who have that “tough skin.” Embrace your sensitivity.

Peep what I had to say on episode 2 of Put My Anxiety In Rice above, and let me know your comments.

If you have any suggestions for mental health topics, advice, or want to just vent, email me at lindseyindiatv@gmail.com!

One thought on “Put My Anxiety In Rice – The ‘Tough Skin’ Crisis (Episode 2)”

  1. I have to agree with you on this topic but then I’d also have to disagree. We’re all entitled to our opinion but when people tell us to have a tougher skin is up to US how we respond, what ever thought pattern we are creating that leads to the anxiety and depression. we have to change the way we think before we can change anything else. We are in control of our actions.. yes we may have chemical imbalances but the way we feel and the way we react it is not caused or triggered by another person but how we react to that persons comment/ suggestion reflects who we are internally. Anxiety, depression, Over thinking (Which is my issue) are all issues we have buried within us and until we learn how to have control over our mind and learn ourself from within the problem won’t be fixed. I’m not trying to be that argumentative person online, but really enjoyed your video.

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