About Me

LINDSEYINDIA.com serves to fill in the blanks and paint through the cracks of society, culture, art, expression, unity, and mentality.

With a focus on transparent mental health and healing, LindseyIndia.com has a purpose of providing an outlet for the emotional outcasts of our society. This platform will help the silenced to have a voice, perspective to be brought to light, and raw experiences to be expressed while incorporating the importance of professional help.

Lindsey India is a former hip-hop journalist and St. John’s University graduate who has published works for multiple outlets in the music media industry. She started her journalism career by landing an internship for Russell Simmons’ Global Grind platform in 2011. After working as a weekend writer and interviewer, she became the official night editor in 2015 where she wrote, edited and managed the site’s evening content and social media platforms. That same year, she began writing for Karen Civil’s digital platform, having conducted multiple interviews, original think pieces and artist documentaries as an associate editor. Lindsey also contributed as a consistent freelance writer for Billboard in 2016 before joining the XXL Magazine team as a news writer in 2017. Outside of hip-hop, Lindsey has interned for Sirius XM Radio’s Hits 1 station and went on to launch her own platform, LindseyIndia.com, in 2016, which focuses on shedding a unique and honest light on mental health and mental illness. That same year, she became the co-host of Play Cousins podcast with Jameer Pond, which covered a variety of topics from hip-hop, social injustice and much more. In June 2018, Lindsey decided to depart from the music journalism industry to pursue her passions for the youth community and mental health.