Put My Anxiety In Rice – The Mental Health Vlog

For those who have read, peeped, or glimpsed at my site, it’s easily become evident that aside from hip hop culture, mental health is extremely prominent in my life.

Earlier this year, I shared my story of dealing with an anxiety disorder for a number of years now, and how hip hop saved my life. It hasn’t been easy to come to terms with, but after receiving tons of messages of support from friends, family, and strangers, I know it was needed. This year, I’ve lost a big piece of myself, and I’m still working on finding my purpose.

After confessing to some harsh truths this year, I thought it would be best to use them to help spark the mental health discussion we all need. While Hollywood and the media like to portray mental health in maybe a more dramatized or inaccurate sense, I decided to turn on my camera, sit in the safe space that is my room, and just talk about this difficult topic and conversation.

While I do cover some of my own hardships, I’m hoping that the focus will remain on those currently suffering from mental illnesses, as well as those who don’t know what it’s like to suffer.

Watch above for episode one of my new vlog series, ‘Put My Anxiety In Rice,’ and let me know your thoughts, and personal experiences.

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